Accommodation – Sun Island, Hidden Second Home in Jimbaran Bali

Yesterday, i just met one of my friend who came to Bali for 5 days holiday before ramadhan. Actually she contacted me via online chat a week before she went to Bali. She asked me about where to stay, and I said it depends on her budget and what kind of activities she wants to do while holidaying in Bali.

She Said she want to do water sport like surfing, spa and sunbathe. She added, the hotel should be not far from the beach!

Then I recommended Sun Island Goa Gong

Sun Island offers hotels, resort or villa that are located in a prime location such as Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. It also has spa & massage service, which has various prices suit with your budget.

Why staying in Jimbaran?

Here you can have a holiday full of fun. Not only known as luxury hospitality complex in Bali, Jimbaran also has a wide range of high end restaurants, beautiful beaches for sunbathe everyday in front of the hotel, and known the most famous water sport spots in Bali, especially for surfers.

That’s why I recommended her to stay in Sun Island Goa Gong Bali as it’s not far from the destination and activity she wants to do during her holiday. She said she really enjoyed staying there and considered it as the second home in Bali because of its comfortable room and kind services of the hotel.

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