Tips – Buying A Resort for Sale in Indonesia for Investment

Been long time not updating my blog. I was a bit busy splitting my time between works, education, and hobbies. Since I finished my study last year, so it’s time to comeback to my blog. As I see in Bali there is many people start to invest in a hotel, villa and apartment, today I would like to share you a simple tips before buying a property or villa resort for sale in Indonesia:

1. Define your Budget

Everybody should know how much they will pay to buy a villa or resort in Bali, Gili Trawangan, or any other area in Indonesia. They think it is cheap to buy a property in Indonesia for sale. But if you want to get a high ROI, then you should know your budget of investment. Your benefits should be higher than your investment. Prepare and plan your budget well before investing in a villa resort in Indonesia.

2. Find A Preferred Location

There are many areas in Indonesia to invest a property. But which do you think is the best location to buy a resort or villa in Indonesia? Of course some people will automatically think of Bali and Gili Trawangan as the best islands in Indonesia to develop a property business. But if you don’t think so, just decide which locations is the best for your.

3. Legality

Buying a villa resort in Indonesia is not as simple as you think. We should ask about its legality for our own safety. So, when you find a good villa resort to invest in, make sure it has a complete legal document, so you will invest safely without finding any trouble.

If you are interested in Indonesia property sales, there is a brand new resort which are still in progress of development in Bali called Cocana Resorts. This resorts will be located in two prime locations in Indonesia, Bali and Gili Trawangan. Under Mirah Property Group management, these resorts offers a high ROI and benefits for the owners who buy some units of villas.

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