À Propos

Well, I don’t have any special stories, but I’ve got some adchievements that make me happy….only at that moment.

In 2015 I Won a Comic Competition by KDRI. 2014, I graduated cum laude from Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University. In 2009 me and my friends got an awards as “Favorite Band” in a Band Competition at Holiday Music Festival by Blue Eyes Café Bali. 2008 I won 3rd places winner in a Band Parades by Pelangi Production & Jak Resto; won 1st winner of Operet Challenge by Young Sound Of Bali as a Drama Director; 1st places winner in Microsoft PowerPoint Competition: HUT PGRI 61. 2005 became one of finalist in Star Production: The selection of Star Candidates 04-05. 2004 1st winner in Drawing Competition by Festival Gema Hijriyah. 2003 won 3rd place winner in Drawing Competition by Prabaswari Production. 2003 won 3rd place winner in Drawing Competition by Tiara Gatsu & Fiesta Chicken Nugget. 2002 became 2nd runner-up in Drawing Competition for Gandhi & Soekarno Sketch; 3rd place winner in Drawing Competition by Gebyar Kemerdekaan RI Team. 1998 won 2nd runner-up in Painting Competition, Children Level by Masjid At-Taqwa Bali.

Yes, I can speak basic Chinese, intermediate level of French & English, and of course Bahasa Indonesia 😀

But you know what? all the certifications I’ve got is not the most important things that I wanna share you..

What is more important for me are the moments, the progress, fun stories and little random things that is always happening around me.

Some people said that I’m bipolar because I can change my mood easily only within a second. Some others said that I am a bit autism because I really enjoy to do and learn things alone. Call me as whatever you want. I don’t really care with various nickname given from others 😂

Cause I only know one nickname that was given by my parents.

My name is iola. That’s all what I know 100% about my self.