Tips – What to Consider Before You Book A Hotel

What to consider before we book a hotel for holiday? is it the price? or maybe online review of its services?

A good experience of staying in a hotel can affect your travel mood. It can drive you a happiness if you choose it right, or a bad experience if you select a hotel with a very bad service. So, here are some things to do before you decide to book a hotel, especially when you want to travel to Bali.


Based on survey, the most important things which can drive happiness and relaxation for travelers is the cleanliness of the hotel room. Or if you’re not agree, you can imagine that you stay in a hotel full of mold of stain in the bed, it’s really disgusting huh? So, the first thing to consider is the cleanliness of the hotel.

Friendly Staff

Staff friendliness give an important affect to increase or decrease your holiday mood. Most of hotel staff are working with a big smile. It makes us feel welcome and become a part of that hotel’s family. If you think this as the most important point, you can choose a boutique hotel which offers personalized service. I know one of recommended boutique hotel that gives the best personalized service in Bali. It’s The Colony Hotel Bali. Read here to know more about The Colony Hotel Bali.

Strategic Location

Some of good location in Bali, like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and also Jimbaran offers a range of tourist destinations worthy to visit. So, when you are planning your holiday in Bali, that four location is good to become best places to stay in Bali. If you’re planning to stay between that location, you can choose Sun Island as the first choice of strategic hotel in Bali which has a lot of hotels that located in a prime location of Bali, as I mentioned above.

So, are you ready to book a hotel for holiday in Bali? If you are interested to find other hotels click here !

Accommodation – Sun Island, Hidden Second Home in Jimbaran Bali

Yesterday, i just met one of my friend who came to Bali for 5 days holiday before ramadhan. Actually she contacted me via online chat a week before she went to Bali. She asked me about where to stay, and I said it depends on her budget and what kind of activities she wants to do while holidaying in Bali.

She Said she want to do water sport like surfing, spa and sunbathe. She added, the hotel should be not far from the beach!

Then I recommended Sun Island Goa Gong

Sun Island offers hotels, resort or villa that are located in a prime location such as Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. It also has spa & massage service, which has various prices suit with your budget.

Why staying in Jimbaran?

Here you can have a holiday full of fun. Not only known as luxury hospitality complex in Bali, Jimbaran also has a wide range of high end restaurants, beautiful beaches for sunbathe everyday in front of the hotel, and known the most famous water sport spots in Bali, especially for surfers.

That’s why I recommended her to stay in Sun Island Goa Gong Bali as it’s not far from the destination and activity she wants to do during her holiday. She said she really enjoyed staying there and considered it as the second home in Bali because of its comfortable room and kind services of the hotel.

Outdoor Act – Yoga Retreats by Uptown Yoga, from Dallas to Bali

Hi! Today I Just want to share you a big chance to join special event of yoga retreats in Bali that will be held by Uptown Yoga, one of the best yoga center in Dallas. Uptown Yoga will come and organize yoga retreats in Bali. If you think it’s interesting, I’ll give you a short information about yoga retreats and what will you get when you decide to join in Uptown Yoga’s retreats.

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Holiday and Yoga Retreat?

Generally, yoga holiday is a vacation package that includes yoga classes and accommodation. You can take yoga classes as many as you want in yoga holiday package. On the other hand, yoga retreats offers more specific program.

Uptown Yoga offers you two yoga retreats session in Bali which will be held on 8-15 June 2019 in Canggu and 21-28 September 2019 in Ubud.

What You Can Get?

On the first day of yoga retreats, you’ll get pick up from the airpot to Canggu or Ubud hotel, check into hotel, enjoy smoothie bowl or coconut milk ice cream, shop, and have a relax massage. The next session you’ll get a day relax trip to Monkey Forest or hiking in Sekumpul waterfall (depends on which retreats you choose). Costs vary depending on location, season, and accommodation.

If you love yoga, adventure, new experiences and travel, I think it’s time to join this retreats as Uptown Yoga has professional instructor who will understand your capacity and will teach you more yoga with many pleasure. Explore more retreats experience for your reference here. If you’re interested to join, check out more Uptown Yoga’s retreats and events here. Don’t wait too long and don’t miss it!

Tips – How to Choose The Right Surf Retreats in Bali

If you never try to learn surf but wanna know a little bit how to surf, play and enjoy the waves in Bali, here I will share you some tips on how to choose the right surf retreats in Bali

Have you ever tried to surf in Bali? or taking a surf class in Bali?

If you never try to learn surf but wanna know a little bit how to surf, play and enjoy the waves in Bali, here I will share you some tips on how to choose the right surf retreats in Bali:

1. Pick The Right Location

Even somebody say that Bali is a small Island, but actually, it’s not as small as you though. When we’re talking about surf retreats in Bali, it automatically gives us a direction that we have to choose the retreats that is located at least near Bali’s beaches. Canggu for example. Choosing surf retreats in Canggu is the perfect choice for you to start learning surf in Bali. Beside its beautiful beaches, Canggu also has luscious green rice field that adjust a calming sensation of living in Bali. Moreover, Canggu also offers high class restaurants and wonderful nightlife, perfect for you to get a little more fun activity after surfing in Canggu beaches.

2. Check Your Surf Package

Browse through the internet, find and compare some surf retreats to one another. Before you choose it, understand what are already included in the total fee of a surf package. It could be food, additional outdoor activity, event, etc. If you want me to give you one recommendation of a great surf retreats package, I will recommend you to choose Pelan Pelan Bali’s surf retreats. Their surf package are included breakfast, lunch, one surf guide for maximum two persons, room, etc. Check out more information of Pelan Pelan Bali’s Surf Package in here.

3. Check Company’s Profile and Their Past Review

If you still want to find another surf retreats, make sure to check surf company’s profile and its past reviews. It can help you to find out more surf retreats that suit your budget and help you to make a decision which surf retreats you want to choose.

Accommodation – The Colony, My Favorite Boutique Hotel in Bali

Planning the details of a holiday sometimes might be complicated. The accommodation is the major subject that you must think while planning a trip. Between a wide range of accommodation types, here I would like to give you guys some reasons, about why am always choosing a boutique Hotel.

A boutique Hotel do not count beyond 100 rooms because its main concern is to build a theme. The smallest hotel, the easiest to send the hotel idea or theme to the guests. Small sized doesn’t mean that the hotel doesn’t has big personality. Therefore, Boutique hotel also providing personalized service which will give more comfort and trust for all hotel guests.

Then.. The Colony Hotel Appears as My Favorite Boutique Hotel in Seminyak Bali..

When I feel bored staying in my house, or just wanna celebrate a special moment such as celebrating private birthday or spending Nyepi day, I always choose the Colony as my favorite boutique hotel. It’s located in Seminyak, one of the most popular tourist areas in Bali Island.

Why I Choose A Boutique Hotel in Seminyak?

As I mentioned above, Seminyak is very popular compared to another tourist area in Bali. You can find anything you want near Seminyak. Beaches, high class restaurants, hospital, night club, shopping center, gallery, all gather together, provide Seminyak as the most complete area to visit and stay in Bali. It makes us easy to provide our needs while we spend holiday in Bali.

The Colony Hotel truly located at the heart of Seminyak, surrounded by unique environment that will bring your tropical getaway come true. This boutique hotel has a range of room type that suit for solo traveler or couple. If you’re planning to go to Bali alone or with friends, The Colony will be a suitable hotel for you.

Culture – Welcoming Nyepi in Bali

As a person who was born in this island, I am ready to welcome Nyepi for the 23 times! Am 27 y o but I spend other 4 years to live and study in Jogjakarta.

It’s a hindu’s new year celebration, where everybody can’t leave their house. We should exactly stay all day long in our house or hotel without make a noise. However, Nyepi refers to sepi (Indonesian word), which means quiet.

Even if we’re not hindus, we have to support them not to go out or make a sound while they celebrate Nyepi.
The purpose of Nyepi is to purify the soul. This holy day starts from Ogoh Ogoh parade which will be held one day before Nyepi.

Ogoh-ogoh describes a monster, evil spirit, or negativity that exist in everyone’s soul. The parade of Ogoh-ogoh explains our effort to drive away all negativity from our soul. As the result, you can say that Nyepi is like a reincarnation day, a chance to purify the soul after successfully drive out the negativity.

It has a really good meaning huh?

Tips - Travel - Nyepi in Bali
Tips – Nyepi – Ogoh Ogoh by Alfian from Pinterest

What to Do in Nyepi Day

To support the locals who celebrate Nyepi, you can do meditation, yoga, paint, or read more than one book. Just a reminder, if the previous year the internet connection from some providers could be accessed, this year you cannot access internet at all. And it’s valid for all internet providers.

So, are you celebrating Nyepi in Bali this year?

Enjoy Nyepi everyone!

Culinary – Limestones Cafe and Restaurant Bali

Hi! I’m back!
And wanna share you guys about recommended restaurant and cafe in Denpasar, called Limestones Bali.

Actually I went there with my sister to do photo shoot for my clothing line (will share you later about this business).
But as a customer for sure I had to order something. So I didn’t only do a photo shooting and go home after. I did appreciate the place and it’s good services. I choose Ice mocca and chicken parmigiana. I forgot the price per items I ordered, but the total I’ve spent was IDR 80.000,- .


Even it’s a bit pricey for local especially for my wallet 😂, I like Limestones Bali. It’s worth the price. The staff were really friendly. Moreover, they have a large instagramable garden which has unique decoration in every corner. Me and my sister enjoyed taking photos in there.

Culinary - Limestones Bali Restaurants & Cafe
Culinary – Limestones Bali Restaurants & Cafe

If you ask for WiFi, yes it’s exist.

Rating: 4/5.

Tips – Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel in Bali

Hampir Semua orang pasti ingin, bahkan sudah berkali-kali mondar-mandir liburan ke Bali. Untuk kalian yang belum pernah dan sedang merencanakan liburan ke Bali, berikut saya bagikan hal-hal penting untuk diketahui sebelum memutuskan untuk memesan suatu kamar hotel, terutama untuk yang merencanakan liburan dengan budget yang cukup kecil.

Almost everyone would like to, or even have many times vacation in Bali. For those of you who have never been to Bali, and are planning a holiday to Bali, here I share you important things to know before you decide to book a hotel room, especially for those who are planning a vacation with tiny budget.

1. Make Sure That You’ll Have Sufficient Facilities

Kalau kalian mengharapkan hotel yang murah, ada baiknya untuk tidak terlalu banyak menuntut untuk mendapatkan fasilitas yang berlebihan. Misalnya area gym, kolam renang, transport antar jemput, dan sebagainya. Untuk sekedar bermalam, mendapatkan kamar hotel yang bersih dan murah termasuk breakfast, sudah lumayan membantu menghemat biaya perjalanan kok. Kalau kalian bermalam lebih dari satu malam, misalnya seminggu, biasanya akan dapat potongan harga atau penawaran lainnya dari hotel tersebut.

If you guys want to book cheap hotel, it’s better not to ask for excessive facilities. For example, gym area, swimming pool, shuttle transport, and so on. Having a clean and cheap hotel room including breakfast, only to spend one night, is enough to help us save money. Generally, if you have aa plan to spend more than one night, for example one week, you’ll get more discounts and offers from that hotel.

2. Better to Book A Hotel in Downtown Denpasar

Denpasar adalah Ibu Kota Provini Bali, pusat segala aktivitas, baik masyarakat lokal maupun turis. Target pasar wisata di Denpasar Bali adalah turis lokal, akan tetapi lambat laun kunjungan turis asing meningkat seiring dengan dikembangkannya konsep Heritage Tourism oleh pemerintah lokal. Keuntungan menginap di Denpasar adalah kalian akan mendapatkan harga kamar hotel yang relative murah jika dibandingkan dengan daerah lainnya di Bali. Selain itu, di Denpasar kalian akan dengan mudah menemukan berbagai macam restoran atau transportasi yang sudah pasti harganya juga lebih murah.

Denpasar is the Capital of Bali, the center of everyone’s activities, for locals or tourists. The target market of Denpasar Bali is domestic tourists, but then there are many foreign tourists start to visit Denpasar, more precisely after the conception of Heritage Tourism has been developed by local government. The advantage of staying in Denpasar is you’ll easier to find cheaper hotel room compared to another region in Bali. Besides, in Denpasar you’ll easier to find a range of restaurant and transportation that of course is also cheaper.

3. Book Hotel in Advance

Jangan lupa bahwa bukan hanya kalian yang mau berlibur ke Bali. Kalian harus memikirkan waktu yang tepat untuk liburan, termasuk memesan hotel dan tiket pesawat. Kalau kalian mendambakan harga kamar hotel yang murah meriah, pesan lah kamar hotel jauh-jauh hari. Biasanya anda akan mendapat harga kamar lebih murah jika memesan jauh-jauh hari, dibandingkan memesan pada saat anda tiba di sana.

Don’t ever forget about the fact that there are many people want to spend their holiday in Bali. Means, you are not the only one. You must think about the right time to go to Bali including book a hotel room & airplane ticket. If you wish to get a cheap hotel room, then book it in advance. Normally you’ll get cheaper price compared to book a room on the day you arrive in there.

Tips terakhir, jangan lupa bandingkan harga dan fasilitas hotel. Anda bisa saja dapat kamar hotel yang lebih bagus dengan fasilitas yang komplit dan harga yang sama. Jadi, jangan lupa untuk cari lebih dari satu hotel dan bandingkan harga beserta fasilitasnya.

Last tip, don’t forget to compare the price and hotel facilities. You might get a cheap and better room with complete facility at the same price. So never forget to browse more than one hotel and compare its price & facilities.