Outdoor Act – Biking and Canoeing in Sanur

Here are 2 fun things to do while you visit Sanur Beach Bali

Hi guys!
Just got an idea for today’s blog post which will be about ….. Biking in Sanur area.

Sanur is one of famous beaches in Bali where we can see beautiful sunrise every morning and enjoy “Lumpia Bali” (a traditional snack) at the same time. FYI, there are many versions of Lumpia in every region of Indonesia. The most famous Lumpia in Indonesia is in Semarang.

But actually, Bali also have their own Lumpia, which we can find around Sanur and Renon. But please don’t forget to litter in the proper place after you eat Lumpia. Sometime I still can find Lumpia’s wrap on the beach sand. And it’s not really good at all.
Remember to keep the area for better future. Right? 😊

So.. What we can do in Sanur?


In Sanur, we can rent a canoe and float on the sea. It cost IDR 15.000,00. and you’ll be free canoeing for 1 hour.


Same as renting a canoe, you can rent a bike in Sanur, which also cost IDR 15.000,00/hour. It’s recommended to do in the morning 7 am where you will get morning fresh air.

Biking in Sanur Bali

If you are stayin’ in Sanur, don’t forget to try these fun activities. Get more experience and healthier body at the same time in Sanur! 😘

Interested to stay in Sanur Bali?
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Outdoor Act – A Reward of Mount Batur Trekking

Do you have a plan to trek Mount Batur? Here are my experiences climbing the beauty of Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali.

2017 was my first time trekking. Even I was born and grew up in Bali, I have never climbed Mount Batur before. My parents always brought guests or my family from Java to go to tourist destinations in the south of Bali, such as Kuta, Jimbaran, or near to the north side of Bali, like Bedugul, Candi Kuning, etc. I’ve been always go around Bali with my parents using a car. I never go around alone either with motorbike or car. Because I was too young and small to ride a bike. But since grew up and got taller, I am riding a motorbike until now.

But then I have had move to Yogyakarta for study in Gadjah Mada University, took French Litterature as major. Once again, I have lost the chance to climb it.

A few years later I went back to Bali, and did it. Yeah, as I said, it was 2017, with my office collegues.

I was working in Bali’s digital agency in that moment as French SEO specialist, and always got wonderful weekend with my office collegues to explore Bali.

At first hiking, I was trembling. Because it was also my first time I didn’t sleep. Well I never spent my time in night club and always sleep at 9 pm. Hahah\na.. oh sorry, let’s back to mount Batur!

We left Denpasar at 1 am, and must climbed at 2.30 am.

Oh yes, Mount Batur is located in Kintamani by the way, and we must spent approximately 1 hour riding a bike from Denpasar to Kintamani.

Arrived in there, we started to explore mount Batur at 3 am. Hoping we don’t miss the sunrise view at the summit of Mount Batur. And yeah we got it! Even when we were on the way to the summit, I said to my friends that I want to sleep, and ran out the energy. Plus, I cannot see anything because it was really dark and blur with my minus eyes. I forgot my glasses and I can’t see anything in the dark. I got help from my friend named Yusnia, to take my hand while climbing, so I didn’t get lost with my blurry eyes. Hahhaa. And then the reward was really beautiful! I saw the sunrise at the top of Mount Batur which is 1717m above sea level! (Of course with my sleepy face)

Sunrise at The Summit of Batur
Sunrise at The Summit of Batur

The second trekking was in March 2018. Which I was ready ready!

I slept in the afternoon to charge the energy and then climbed Batur for the second time with my collueges (also with glasses in the eyes hahaha). I was not nervous anymore and didn’t need help just like the first time hiking. Then it was really easy to step the summit at the second climbed, cause I think I have adapted and already knew the trick to step up on the Mount Batur. We spent 2-3 hours to arrive at the top of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Second Sunrise
Mount Batur Second Sunrise

We felt like … A bunch random persons.

“Owww we are in heaven now!!”

See that beautiful cloud around??

I felt like we were in Avatar Ang’s country. 😂

FWI, there’s a ticket entry for tourist to do Mount Batur Trekking. It costs IDR 400.000/persons in 2018 accompanied with local guide.

There are also different prices from travel agents in Bali. Could be cheaper or more expensive.

After all, I hope my blog gives you enough reference of Mount Batur Trekking.

Happy Ramadhan for all Muslim and also for my self as a Muslim Girl grew up with Balinese Culture. Heheh. 😊🙏

I will share you later about my lovely cultural life and art in Bali ❤️

See ya!

Outdoor Act – Camping at Nyang Nyang Beach, Bali

Akhir bulan Februari 2018, saya dan beberapa teman pergi kemping, walaupun pada waktu itu cuacanya kurang baik. Hari itu angin kencang dan mendung.

At the end of February 2018, Me and my friends decided to go camping even if it was very windy and cloudy.

Kami sampai di Pantai Nyang Nyang pukul 5 sore dan kami harus menuruni tebing untuk sampai di pantai. Untungnya, rasa capek kami terbayar. Kami disambut pemandangan pantai yang cantik dan rasanya waktu itu benar-benar seperti pantai private. Sore itu tidak ada seorang pun kecuali saya dan teman-teman.

We arrived at Nyang Nyang Beach at 5 pm and we had to do half-hour trek down the hill to reach the beach. Fortunately, it was worthy. The beautiful ocean view welcomed us and it was like our private beach. That afternoon there was nobody but me and my friends.

Outdoor Act - Camping in Nyang Nyang Beach - Camping on the Beach
Outdoor Act – Camping in Nyang Nyang Beach – Camping on the Beach

Kami ber 12 orang dan membawa 3 buah tenda. Kami senang bukan main dan bersemangat membangun tenda. Tapi, tiba-tiba angin dan hujan datang, meniup tenda kami. Satu tenda berhasil didirikan, tapi bukan tenda saya. Tenda saya waktu itu basah kuyub karena diterpa hujan.

We were 12 persons and brought 3 tents from home. We were happy and enjoyed to build the tent. But then the wind and rain came all of sudden and blew our tent. One tent were built successfully but not mine. My tent were really wet because of rain.

Bagaimanapun terimakasih untuk angin, karena anginlah tenda saya cepat kering. Jadi saya bisa meneruskan membangun tenda tepat setelah hujan selesai. Hehe

But thanks to the wind, because it automatically dried my tent. So I can build my tent after the rain’s gone. Hehe

Selesai hujan Kami ke pinggir pantai, menikmati angin malam sepoi-sepoi, ngobrol tentang pekerjaan baru dll. Kami bbq-an, panggang sosis dan pisang.

We go to the beach just after the rain, enjoyed the night beachy wind, talking about new jobs etc. We prepared an easy basic bbq, grilled sausages and banana.

Kemping kali ini tidak seperti kemping di Tamblingan, dimana kami menghabiskan Malam hingga jam 3 pagi. Kali ini kami tidur lebih cepat. Saya gak tau apa sebabnya, tapi mungkin karena kami kecapekan setelah turun tebing sore tadi dan ditambah hujan deras.

It was not like in Tamblingan where we spend our night until 3 am. This time we sleep earlier. I don’t know why but maybe it was because we were very tired after trekking down the hill and facing the rain roughly.

Pagi harinya kami melakukan aktivitas random, seperti main game “gerobak dorong”, berenang di pantai, dan sarapan.

In the morning, we did random activities such as played a silly game called as “gerobak dorong”, swam in the beach, and had a breakfast.

Setelah itu Kami memutuskan untuk pulang, dan kembali memanjat bukit, yah itu satu-satunya jalan untuk menuju tempat parkir dari kemping spot.

After, we decided to go home and climb the hill. Yeah, that’s the only one way for us to reach the parking area from our camping spot.

Outdoor Act - Camping in Nyang Nyang Beach - Ready to climb the hill
Outdoor Act – Camping in Nyang Nyang Beach – Ready to climb the hill

Walaupun Pantai Nyang-nyang ini termasuk susah diakses, Kami cukup terhibur dengan pemandangan dan ambiancenya.

Although it was very difficult to access and we need energy to reach Nyang Nyang Beach from parking area, we still enjoyed the beautiful view and ambiance.

Sangat menyenangkan mendapat kesempatan kemping private Di Nyang-nyang. Karena saya dan teman-teman saya adalah satu-satunya grup yang kemping di Nyang-nyang hari itu.
It was really nice having a private camping in there. Because me and my friends was the only one group who camped at Nyang Nyang Beach.

Oh iya, Hari itu juga pertama kalinya saya memakai tenda yang saya beli secara online bulan Januari. Saya senang bisa memakai tenda milik sendiri. Jadi saya tidak perlu lagi mengeluarkan uang untuk sewa tenda.

Me, that was my first time I used my own tent that I bought in online store in January. And I was happy use my own tent. I don’t need to spend more money to borrow tent anymore.