Outdoor Act – Aling-Aling And Kroya Waterfall

travel & adventure in Bali is a must thing to do once a lifetime. visiting Aling-Aling and Kroya Waterfall is one of the best things to do while in Bali

It was just two weeks ago I got a new chance to discover Bali’s beautiful waterfall that is called “Aling Aling”. My Friends and I needed approximately 2 and a half hours to reach this waterfall from my home which is situated in Denpasar. It’s located in the north side of Bali, more precisely in Sukasada Village, Buleleng – Bali.

In the same area, actually we can find 3 waterfalls which are Kroya Waterfall, Aling Aling Waterfall and Pucuk Waterfall. In that day, I visited 2 waterfalls at the same time which are Kroya and Aling-Aling.

 Adventure in Bali - Aling-Aling Waterfall
Me and my.. I don’t know how to call him. Think we love each other or maybe he doesn’t.

What Kind of Activity We Can Do in There?

Swimming – Off course we can swim in this crystal clear water. But remember to pay attention since sometimes the water flow could get heavier.

Cliff Jumping – In Kroya you can do cliff jumping or sliding down which is just 5 meters high. However, we can say if Kroya is a little bit safer than Aling-Aling as it is the smallest waterfall compared to 3 other, including Aling-Aling, while the other waterfall has heavy water flow and sometimes a little bit dangerous.

Actually there was an option for ticket entrance: It cost IDR 125.000 to enjoy all activities or IDR 20.000 with no swimming allowed. But it’s enough for us to visit and enjoy the beauty of these two waterfall. Chill and escape a moment from the busy days in Denpasar.

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Tips – Keeping Teeth Healthy While Traveling

Just in case you are wondering your dental health when you are travelling, I have some tips to keep your teeth healthy while spending holiday in Bali

I know it’s not easy to keep our teeth healthy during holiday, especially when you spend your holiday time hunting local food in the destination. Cakes, donuts, and other sweet things appear everywhere you step your feet. Hot and iced water, tea, coffee, all seems endanger your teeth. So, what we should do to keep our teeth healthy?

1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Spend your time to brush your teeth, at least two times – two minutes a day. Not only in holiday season, it can keep your teeth healthy all year long! So, have a routine to brush your teeth is a good start!

2. Rinse with Water

Always after you eat, rinse your teeth with water also helps you to reduce some particle that can threat your dental health. It also can make your teeth healthier instead of drinking soda.

3. See the Dentist!

It’s important to consult your dental health and make an improvement. You never know what is happen to your teeth now, but a pro dentist can predict the symptomps. So, create a dental check up schedule is better to help you prevent all dental problems.

If you are spending holiday in Bali, you have to make a list of Bali’s dental pro. Well I give you the pro one, which is Rejuvie Dental. It’s located in Kuta, and just opened their branch office in Sanur. Rejuvie Dental also offers teeth whitening, veneer, and crown. They have many customers from around the world, particularly who have spended holiday in Bali.

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Accommodation – The Colony, My Favorite Boutique Hotel in Bali

Planning the details of a holiday sometimes might be complicated. The accommodation is the major subject that you must think while planning a trip. Between a wide range of accommodation types, here I would like to give you guys some reasons, about why am always choosing a boutique Hotel.

A boutique Hotel do not count beyond 100 rooms because its main concern is to build a theme. The smallest hotel, the easiest to send the hotel idea or theme to the guests. Small sized doesn’t mean that the hotel doesn’t has big personality. Therefore, Boutique hotel also providing personalized service which will give more comfort and trust for all hotel guests.

Then.. The Colony Hotel Appears as My Favorite Boutique Hotel in Seminyak Bali..

When I feel bored staying in my house, or just wanna celebrate a special moment such as celebrating private birthday or spending Nyepi day, I always choose the Colony as my favorite boutique hotel. It’s located in Seminyak, one of the most popular tourist areas in Bali Island.

Why I Choose A Boutique Hotel in Seminyak?

As I mentioned above, Seminyak is very popular compared to another tourist area in Bali. You can find anything you want near Seminyak. Beaches, high class restaurants, hospital, night club, shopping center, gallery, all gather together, provide Seminyak as the most complete area to visit and stay in Bali. It makes us easy to provide our needs while we spend holiday in Bali.

The Colony Hotel truly located at the heart of Seminyak, surrounded by unique environment that will bring your tropical getaway come true. This boutique hotel has a range of room type that suit for solo traveler or couple. If you’re planning to go to Bali alone or with friends, The Colony will be a suitable hotel for you.

Culture – Welcoming Nyepi in Bali

As a person who was born in this island, I am ready to welcome Nyepi for the 23 times! Am 27 y o but I spend other 4 years to live and study in Jogjakarta.

It’s a hindu’s new year celebration, where everybody can’t leave their house. We should exactly stay all day long in our house or hotel without make a noise. However, Nyepi refers to sepi (Indonesian word), which means quiet.

Even if we’re not hindus, we have to support them not to go out or make a sound while they celebrate Nyepi.
The purpose of Nyepi is to purify the soul. This holy day starts from Ogoh Ogoh parade which will be held one day before Nyepi.

Ogoh-ogoh describes a monster, evil spirit, or negativity that exist in everyone’s soul. The parade of Ogoh-ogoh explains our effort to drive away all negativity from our soul. As the result, you can say that Nyepi is like a reincarnation day, a chance to purify the soul after successfully drive out the negativity.

It has a really good meaning huh?

Tips - Travel - Nyepi in Bali
Tips – Nyepi – Ogoh Ogoh by Alfian from Pinterest

What to Do in Nyepi Day

To support the locals who celebrate Nyepi, you can do meditation, yoga, paint, or read more than one book. Just a reminder, if the previous year the internet connection from some providers could be accessed, this year you cannot access internet at all. And it’s valid for all internet providers.

So, are you celebrating Nyepi in Bali this year?

Enjoy Nyepi everyone!

Outdoor Act – Visiting Secret Garden Village

Menyambut tahun baru China 2019, tahun Babi. Hari ini saya, kakak dan teman saya mendapat ide untuk berkunjung ke Secret Garden Village.
Welcoming Chinese New Year 2019, the year of the pig. Today, me, my sister & my friend just got an idea to discover Secret Garden Village.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - Lobby
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – Lobby

Kebun raya ini berlokasi di Jl. Raya Denpasar – Bedugul KM 36, Tabanan Bali. Dibangun di atas tanah seluas 35.000 meter persegi. Sebuah kompleks wisata yang luas, menawarkan program wisata edukasi tentang warisan budaya Bali – Indonesia.
This amazing garden located in Jl. Raya Denpasar – Bedugul KM 36, Tabanan Bali. Built on the land of approximately 35.000 square meters. A large tourism complex that offers an educational tour program of Indonesian-Balinese Heritage.

Secret Garden Village mempunyai 4 macam atraksi yang merupakan kombinasi antara product kecantikan Herborist beserta pabriknya, kemudian museum kopi dan lounge oleh the Black Eye, pemandangan sawah yang luas dengan berbagai tempat untuk berfoto, dan dua buah restaurant besar dari Rice View dan The Luwus. Kawasan wisata ini juga menyediakan satu buah musholla, ATM Center, dan toilet yang ada hampir di setiap sudut ruang.
Secret Garden Village has 4 main attractions which is a combination between beauty products and its factory under Herborist label, Coffee museum & lounge under the Black Eye label, a large breathtaking rice fields and photo spots and two great restaurants by Rice View and The Luwus. This tourist area also has one musholla, ATM centre, and toilets in almost every corner.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - Musholla & ATM Center
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – Musholla & ATM Center

Pertama-tama, tentulah Kami harus membeli tiket seharga Rp 50.000/orang. Kami mendapat satu buah stiker sebagai karcis masuknya dan satu buah voucher belanja seharga Rp 25.000 per orang.
First, we must buy the tickets which costs Rp 50.000/person. We get a sticker as the ticket and one shopping voucher Rp 25.000 per person.

Kami mendapat satu orang guide untuk berkeliling ke museum kecantikan Herborist. Katanya, produk-produk Herborist ini dibuat dari bahan alami, seperti minyak zaitun, teh hijau, beras, dan lain-lain. Ia juga menambahkan informasi mengenai aroma dan kegunaan dari setiap bahan-bahan yang digunakan.
We get a tour guide to drive us around and enter Herborist beauty museum. He said that all Herborist’s products are made by natural Ingredients, for example olive oil, green tea, rice, etc. He also explains the savour and function of each ingredient.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - Guide
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – Guide

Setelah itu, ia mengajak kami untuk melihat proses produksi ke dalam pabrik kecil milik Herborist. Kalau kalian tertarik ikut grup dan masuk pabriknya kalian akan dipinjamkan jas putih panjang, masker dan penutup kepala, mirip dokter-dokter yang siap masuk ruang gawat darurat 😂. Tapi kalau kalian mager masuk ke dalam, kalian bisa tunggu di luar sambil menikmati sawah hijau sampai mereka selesai tur.
After the explanation, he takes us to enter their mini factory, and see the process of making Herborist’s products. If you’re interested to join the group entering the factory, you’ll get a long white coat, mask, and head cover, so you will look like a doctor who will enter the emergency room 😂. But if you’re not interested to join the group, you can wait in front of the building and enjoy the Paddy’s field till they finish their tour.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - Paddy's field
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – Paddy’s field

Kemudian Kita akan diantar ke ruang teater untuk menonton iklan Herborist 😂, sebelum masuk ke tokonya. Di sana, Kita bisa membeli produk kecantikan yang kita butuhkan. Ada parfum, body scrub, body butter, lotion, hand cream, dan masih banyak lagi.
Then we enter theatre room to watch an attractive Herborist’s advertisment 😂, before we go into the store. In there, we can buy all the beauty products we need. There are perfumes, body scrub, body butter, lotion, hand cream, and many more.

Salah seorang SPG mendekati saya dan menawarkan tiga macam masker wajah. Satu masker whitening, masker anti ageing, dan masker glowing. Saya ambil yang anti ageing karena taon ini saya 27 tahun ya ges. Jadi, kalau pun saya gak nikah di umur 30 atau 40 (Bodo amat), seperti yang selalu ditanyakan orang-orang, setidaknya muka saya akan tetep terlihat muda. 😅
A sales promotion girl approaches me and offers me three different face masks which are a whitening face mask, an anti ageing face mask, and a glowing face mask. I take the anti ageing because am 27 y o AF. So, even If I am not married yet until 30 or 40 (I don’t care), just like what people are constantly asking me, at least I still look young 😅

Ayolahh.. kenapa sih kalian gak berhenti aja nanyain gituan?
Oh c’mon people, why don’t you just stop asking someone about that?

Kembali ke Kebon. Saya akhirnya pergi ke kasir dan membayar face mask itu dengan menggunakan voucher supaya dapat discount. Produknya murah, mulai dari Rp 25.000-an hingga Rp 70.000 an, kemudian dapat discount lagi dari voucher.
Back to the Garden. I go to the cashier and pay for the face mask by using the shopping voucher to get discount. The products are really cheap, it start from Rp 25.000 to Rp 70.000, plus, you’ll get the discount again from your voucher.

Oiya, berhubung saya satu-satunya yang ga bawa pasangan, jadi saya cuma dapat satu voucher. Dimana jika anda pergi berpasangan, seperti kakak dan teman saya yang masing-masing bawa pacar, secara otomatis akan dapat voucher double. Karena satu orang dapat satu voucher. Tapi karena laki-laki jarang mau Beli produk kecantikan (Kali aja ya kan cyinn? Misalnya parfum gitchu), mereka akhirnya gak pakai voucher itu atau memberikannya ke kakak maupun teman saya. Beruntungnya mereka, tapi bodo amat. Murah ini.
Oh yeah, I am the only one who don’t bring boyfriend, so I only get one voucher. My friend and my sister just got double discount because they bring their boyfriend and get another voucher. One person get one. But the boys rarely buy a beauty product (But well.. maybe they want something, for example perfume), they don’t use it or give it to my sister & my friend. Lucky them, but I don’t care. It’s cheap anyway.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - Guys
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – Guys

Jadi kesimpulannya, kalau kalian mau dapat double voucher, jangan lupa bawa pacar yes! 😂
So, the conclusion is….. if you wish to get double discount voucher, bring your girlfriend or boyfriend then! 😁

Kami lanjut menuju ke sawah untuk foto-foto (kakak ama pacarnya aja sih. Saya nontonin aja dipojokan sambil ngopi).
We go to the large rice field to take photos (well, actually just my sister and her boyfriend. Me, I just watch them in the corner and ship a cup of coffee).

Yap kami menikmati pemandangan sawah sambil menyeruput secangkir kopi, tepat di depan museum kopi The Black Eye. Di sana kami juga menonton dua barongsai yang sedang perform, karena ya ini lagi imlek.
Yap we enjoy the scenery, and drink a cup of coffee just in front of the Black Eye coffee museum. In there, we watch two barongsai performing, yeah because it’s a Chinese New Year.

Outdoor Act - Secret Garden Village - 2nd Lobby
Outdoor Act – Secret Garden Village – 2nd Lobby

Oh iya, di Indonesia, terutama di Bali, kalian akan dengan mudah menemukan suasana damai antara 6 agama berbeda, dan kami menjaga satu sama lain. Yah.. walaupun masih ada masalah atau isu terkait di daerah lain. Tapi di Bali, kalian akan terus hidup dalam suasana yang seimbang ini. Inilah yang membuat saya cinta tinggal di Bali.
Ow remember, in Indonesia, especially in Bali, you’ll find the most peaceful ambience of living between 6 different religions, and we take care of each other. Well, even if there’s still some problems or issues about this diversity in some regions. But in Bali, you’ll always find this balance. That’s what I love about living in Bali.

Kami juga menjaga kenyamanan turis. Selama mereka mengikuti peraturan yang ada di sini (maksud saya setiap daerah pasti punya peraturan yang berbeda), saya yakin mereka akan aman dari masalah apapun. Intinya kami hanya ingin menjaga kenyamanan semua orang sehingga mereka tidak segan datang lagi ke Bali 😉
We also take care of the tourist’s comfort. As long as they follow the rules of living in here (I mean every region must have different rules), I am sure they wont get into a trouble. The point is that we want to make sure everyone’s comfort, so they are willing to come back again to Bali. 😉

Setelah istirahat selama beberapa menit, kami pun melanjutkan liburan kami.
After take a rest for a few minutes, we decide to continue our short holiday.

Well, happy Chinese New Year 2019!!

Outdoor Act – Camping in Tamblingan Lake, Bali

Pengalaman camping seru di Danau Tamblingan, Bali. Januari, 2018. Suatu sore, tercetus ide gila dari salah satu teman;
“Eh, Besok camping yuk?”
“Besok banget?”
“Lha iya kan sabtu”
“Kalau mau, pokoknya besok. Kalau ditunda minggu depan, takutnya malah gak jadi.”
Yak pepatah tersebut benar adanya. Beberapa kali rencana liburan batal karena ditunda secara terus menerus.
Another fun camping experience in Tamblingan Lake, Bali. January, 2018. A crazy idea just came up from my friend,
“Let’s go camping tomorrow?”
“Litterally tomorrow?”
“Yea, it’s Saturday isn’t it?
“If you guys agree, we leave tomorrow. If we postpone it next week, I am afraid it won’t happen.”
And yes that word is true. Some holiday plans are cancelled for a few times because we postponed it.

Jadilah kami berangkat hari sabtu pagi, 6 orang, dan salah satu teman kami ternyata sudah membeli dan memiliki tenda sendiri, muat untuk 3 orang. Jadi Kami hanya perlu menyewa satu tenda lagi, dan kali ini tidak lupa lagi menyewa 6 buah matras seperti waktu di Bukit Asah. Hehe
So, we went on Saturday morning, 6 peoples, and one of our friend actually just bought and got his own tent already, that fits for 3 peoples. So we only need to rent one tent again, and that time, I didn’t forget to rent 6 mattress anymore, just like what happened in Bukit Asah. Hehe

Kami memutuskan untuk pergi camping ke danau Tamblingan, Bali. Jarak tempuhnya adalah 61 km, dan menghabiskan waktu kurang lebih 1 jam 20 menit dari Denpasar untuk sampai ke danau Tamblingan.
We decided to go camping to Tamblingan Lake, Bali. The distance is about 61 km, and we spent more or less 1 hour 20 minutes to get to Tamblingan Lake from Denpasar.

Sampai sana kami langsung mendirikan tenda. Dimulai dari tenda milik teman kami. Tendanya bagus, merk Eiger. Saya jadi tertarik beli tenda biar gak ribet lagi sewa tenda. Dan mungkin akan lebih irit biaya untuk camping berikutnya.
Arrived in there, we immediately set up the tent. Start from our friend’s tent. His tent looks good, Eiger brand. I was interested to buy one, so it won’t be complicated renting a tent anymore. And it can help us save some money for the next camp.

Camping - Tamblingan Lake - Tent
Camping – Tamblingan Lake – Tent

Selanjutnya kami menyiapkan makan malam. Masak bihun goreng dengan bahan seadanya.
Next, we prepare dinner. We cooked fried vermicelli with makeshifts ingredients.

Berbeda dengan camping di Bukit Asah yang fasilitasnya kumplit, di Danau Tamblingan kalian harus mempersiapkan semuanya sendiri. Danau Tamblingan lebih menawarkan suasana tenang jika dibandingkan Bukit Asah yang ramai.
It’s different from camping in Bukit Asah which have complete facilities, in Tamblingan Lake you have to prepare all by yourself. Tamblingan Lake offers more peaceful atmosphere compared with Bukit Asah which was a bit crowded.

Kami menghabiskan waktu yang cukup panjang dengan mengobrol, bergosip, dan bernyanyi hingga pukul 3 pagi.
We spent a long night by chatting, gossipping, and singing various songs till 3 am.

Pagi harinya, kami sarapan sambil menikmati pemandangan cantik gunung dan danau Tamblingan yang berkabut
In the morning, we had breakfast while enjoying the beauty scenery of misty mountain and lake of Tamblingan.

Camping - Tamblingan Lake - Morning View
Camping – Tamblingan Lake – Morning View

Kami kembali ke Denpasar pukul 10 pagi. Dan saya bersemangat sekali untuk menyambut petualangan berikutnya dengan teman-teman.
We came back to Denpasar at 10 am. And I was exciting to welcome the next adventure with them.

Sesampainya di rumah, saya bersemangat cari tenda untuk camping berikutnya. Saya menemukan banyak sekali tenda dengan macam-macan merk, ukuran, harga, dan warna di toko online. Saya beli satu yang bermotif army. Merk Matougui.
Arrived at home, I was enthusiastic to discover new tent for the next camp. I found many tents with various brands, sizes, prices, and colours in an online store. I bought one with army motif. Matougui brand.

Gak sabar nih nunggu petualangan berikutnya dengan tenda baru saya!

Can’t wait for the next adventure with my new tent!

Outdoor Act – Exploring Denpasar Heritage City

Explore Denpasar as the most attractive heritage tourism area in Bali.

Denpasar merupakan Ibu Kota provinsi Bali, sekaligus area tumbuh kembangku. Hingga tahun 2007 Denpasar masih menjadi kota primadona oleh karena pasar tradisional dan pusat perbelanjaan yang dibangun di Kota Denpasar. Akan tetapi, seiring bergantinya tahun, banyak pusat perbelanjaan yang lebih menarik dan jauh lebih modern dibangun di Kawasan Kuta, seperti Discovery Bali Mall, Beachwalk, Lippo Mall, serta beberapa café dan restaurant yang unik yang sengaja dibangun di pinggir pantai sebegai nilai lebih untuk menarik pengunjung. Menanggapi keadaan kota Denpasar yang sepi, pemerintah dan masyarakat setempat berencana mengembangkan Denpasar sebagai kota wisata di Bali. Dengan kerjasama yang baik, mereka mampu menata ulang kota Denpasar menjadi lebih bersih dan cantik, dengan mengusung tema “Warisan Budaya Denpasar Bali”.

Denpasar is the Capital of Bali and a place where I grew up. Until 2007, Denpasar was still known as an excellent city because of the presence of its traditional market and shopping center that were built in Denpasar. But then, as time goes by, there were many more attractive and modern shopping centers were built in Kuta, such as Dicovery Bali Mall, Beachwalk, and Lippo Mall, and some cafes and restaurant with unique interior design, built in front of the beach to attract many visitors. Responding to the quiet situation in Denpasar, local government and its community were planning to develop Denpasar as one of tourism City in Bali. With a good management, they successfully delivered the plan and changed Denpasar became more attractive, by using the theme of “Cultural Heritage of Denpasar Bali”.

Outdoor Act – Travel to Denpasar Bali

Konsep tersebut terbukti berhasil menarik kunjungan wisatawan baik asing maupun domestic untuk menjelajahi kota Denpasar. Pada tahun 2013, kota Denpasar resmi terpilih sebagai salah satu “World’s Heritage City” oleh Organization of World Heritage City (OWHC).

That conception successfully attracted many foreign or domestic tourists to explore Denpasar City. In 2013, Denpasar City was officially elected to become one of “World’s Heritage City” by Organization of World Heritage City (OWHC).

Denpasar Heritage City ini berpusat di Jl. Gadjah Mada. Bagi anda yang tinggal di Kuta, kira-kira hanya membutuhkan waktu 30 menit untuk berkunjung ke Denpasar. Tapi, kira-kira, apa saja ya yang bisa dikunjungi di Denpasar Bali?

This Heritage City centered on Jl. Gadjah Mada, Denpasar, Bali. For you guys who live in Kuta and are interested to go to Denpasar, you’ll need to spend approximately 30 minutes. But when we travel to Denpasar Bali, what we could see and find in there?

  1. Kumbasari & Badung Traditional Art Market

Pasar Badung & Kumbasari ini merupakan icon kota Denpasar yang wajib dikunjungi ketika kalian jalan-jalan ke kota Denpasar. Pasar tradisional ini dibangun pada tahun 1983 dan diresmikan satu tahun setelahnya. Di sini kalian tidak hanya dapat menemukan berbagai macam souvenir, tapi juga bisa icip-icip jajanan tradisional ala Bali. Dan yang paling Baru dari pasar seni ini adalah area sungainya, yang sebelumnya bernama Tukad Badung. Sungai ini dulunya kotor, tapi berhasil disulap oleh pemerintah jadi salah satu tempat wisata yang sekarang ramai hampir tiap malam. Tukad Badung pun dirubah namanya menjadi Tukad Korea, karena konsep penataan dan dekorasinya yang diadaptasi dari sungai-sungai di Korea.

Badung & Kumbasari Traditional market is an icon of Denpasar, a must visited place while you are in there. This traditional market was built in 1983 and inaugurated a year after the building was finished. Here you not only find various souvenirs but also can taste Balinese traditional snacks. And the newest thing upgraded from this market is its river area, which was called as Tukad Badung. This river was very dirty, but the government successfully changed this to become the most crowded place visited in Denpasar Bali every night. Tukad Badung name then change and now it’s called as Tukad Korea, because its arrangement and decoration concept adapted from the rivers in Korea.

  1. Bhineka Djaja, The Legendary Coffe Shop in Denpasar Bali

Ada yang tau Kopi dengan merk Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia? Yap, Bhineka Djaja ini adalah lanjutan dari sejarah munculnya Kopi Bali merk Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia. Singkat cerita, Bhineka Djaja ini berdiri pada tahun 1935. Awalnya hanya dibangun sebagai pabrik sekaligus toko. Namun lambat laun pemiliknya mulai menyediakan meja dan kursi sehingga pengunjung juga langsung bisa mencicipi kopi di sana. Harganya berkisar antara Rp 15.000 hingga Rp 25.000.

Anybody knows about Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia coffee brand? Yap, Bhineka Djaja presents as the continuation of Kupu-Kupu Bola Dunia’s appearance history. In short, Bhineka Djaja was created in 1935. At first, they only built a coffee shop and factory. But gradually, the owner started to provide some tables and chairs, so the visitors can taste the coffee right at that time. It costs Rp 15.000 to Rp 25.000.

  1. Museum Bali

Di museum ini tidak hanya menyajikan lukisan dan kesenian, tetapi juga sejarah dan kebudayaan di Kota Denpasar Bali. Contohnya koleksi etnografika atau peralatan jaman pra sejarah, peralatan upacara keagamaan, serta perkembangan seni dan budaya di Bali. Tiket masuknya sekitar Rp 25.000/orang.

This museum not only presents paintings and arts, but also presents the history and culture of Denpasar Bali. For example it displays ethnographic collections or pre-historic tools, some tools for traditional or religion ceremonies, and the development of art and culture in Bali. The entrance ticket costs Rp 25.000/person.

  1. Pura Jagatnatha

Tak Jauh dari museum Bali, anda juga bisa mengunjungi Pura Jagatnatha. Biasanya pada hari-hari tertentu akan ada upacara, turis dipersilakan untuk ikut dan masuk untuk menelaah, belajar, maupun untuk sekedar menonton. Tidak ada tiket masuk di Pura Jagatnatha, kita hanya dianjurkan untuk menyumbang seikhlasnya untuk ikut menjaga kebersihan dan kelestarian Pura Jagatnatha.

Not so far from Bali Museum, you can also visit Jagatnatha Temple. Usually, on certain days, tourists are free to join the ceremony to observe, learn and watch the event. There is no entrance ticket to enter this Temple. We only have to give them donation to support the conservation of Jagatnatha Temple.

Gimana? Asik kan jalan-jalan di kota Denpasar? Kalau kalian cari tempat kuliner murah dan enak, Denpasar lah tempatnya. Yuk, main-main ke Denpasar Bali!

So, what do you think? Sounds cool huh? If you guys are looking for cheap and delicious culinary, Denpasar is the right answer. Let’s go to Denpasar Bali!